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 Zero poinT 

 art manifesto

Friends, this manifesto is based on my personal experience and journey as a universal artist and is a call for the expansion of values - such as respect, honor, humility, solidarity and love.

Above all an artist is a being of great spiritual value who expresses his vision of the world, the artist is an elevated human being, with all his traumas, and experiences, good and bad - every day he gets up and tells the world - here is my painting, my sculpture, my music, my cinema, my creation. 

Whatever the social, political, or spiritual situation of the artist - he is a being who exposes his point of view - through beauty, and all beauty is love. 

The one who is able to create beauty, leaves a fragment of love for humanity - is a fact. 

In many occasions the artists pass for crazy, egoistic and totally out of context beings, that creates a layer of attitude, that makes that in many occasions between artists themselves there are discrepancies, and very ugly gestures. 

Everyone at some point felt envy, everyone at some point thought and why not me - that is a fact, even the exhibitions of the contemporary art world are in big part corrupt and are the highest version of anti-spiritual ethics, everyone knows it but no one talks about it. 

Friends, trying to hide the sun with a finger, we only harm ourselves, so how nice it is to think more about each other, no matter what artistic direction one or the other has, it doesn't matter. 

Returning to the values of honor, an artist who goes against another - what kind of art can he express? What kind of elevation can he talk about ? 

Isn't art the highest version of being? 

As a universal creator, I understand that situations or the system can make one become egoistic, and great, be egoistic in your art, but Not with the other artists, open your heart and remember that not all of us have the same path, and that who today is above - tomorrow is below and that it is up to us to be in solidarity - in the name of art - what we leave behind. 

Every time an artist falls, is hurt, is hungry, or is simply broken - it is humanity who loses beauty, it is also the other artists who lose. 

It's like if Cristiano Ronaldo breaks his leg, and the team loses. 

By this I mean that we are all in the same boat ☀️, and respecting each other's life, their time of creation, their beauty, is the least we can do. 

No one knows when it is their turn, but we all keep on creating until the last moment.

The movie of life, the divine comedy, the breathing - Cut does - without warning, it is a fact, maybe if we all knew the exact day and exact hour that we leave this place, we would all be God - but it is not the case. We are part of God, and we are love so we can create beauty and help each other. 

An artist sculptor, he is sculpting his thought in his workshop, he hardly eats, because he is so connected with his work that he has already sent the material world to hell, he is there creating beauty, one day he left his house to buy bread and a bus took his life. 

The artist did not know that this was happening, now what did he leave after his life? 

He simply left all his breath, all his time dedicated to this art. 

So whoever attempts against the life of an artist - attempts against Creation itself. 

I myself creating my film, I was one day in front of that bus, and I saw death parade before my eyes and thank God - for me there was no Cut at that moment, I love life and I didn't want to die, I was simply in a risk Zone and I wanted to film the sea, from the point where the waves rise higher, I wanted humanity to have this instant through my eye and I didn't realize how dangerous it could be. 

In the moments that the bus passed a few centimeters from my feet, I saw all my life passing by, I saw in flash all my friends, I saw my family, I saw the smiles, I saw the sadness, I saw the kindness and I saw it all very fast, so fast that I even doubted to be alive. 

I saw 🌈

and seeing, I understood how beautiful it is to be alive, how beautiful love is, and that if we are alive today, it is because of love. 

That's why I support all the artists I can, whatever their spiritual or social condition, and above All because at some point in our time line - we all pass through the point Zero. 

And - Remember that even Mozart the most virtuous and famous, ended up in a mass grave, so what makes an artist his beauty - is his heart and kindness, is what he leaves behind besides art. 


We are - what we leave - let's leave Love and celebrate life, and friendShip

                                                                                                              Homage to Gaspard🌈