DADA86 - History

 ☀️ In 2016 I started the creation of the DADA86 anti-fashion brand in Cuba

       As an artist - the fashion concept seems to me absurd -  especially in Cuba, where to be in or even out of creative perspectives of fashion it is necessary to take one of the only two sides that exist in my country - or  against - or for.

In my case I dont care about respectives concepts - I am an artist and my creations are - apolitical.

I love Cuba, and for me - art is Universal. 

I am neither within the appearances of a fake counter-culture - I am dada ☀️

That is why all my ideas as a creator start from performative artworks and have their history - DADA86 History, so it is a pleasure to be able to share them with you today. 

The whole journey of my path of creation of DADA86 ☀️ - the First Universal  -  brand coming from Cuba and its exhibited around the world for 6 years in total freedom - will be shared on this page ☀️

☀️DADA86 is not a fake imposture - is why I invite you here - inner the Sun is only One. 

                                                                                                                                         With love





   After the inspiration and my desire to created unique clothes in my contry, the secong point will be this firts in this DADA86 History travel - Money - what we call in french argot - Le Frik. 

     So I invite you explore how I started DADA86 in Habana - Cuba, with le frik.


ARCHIVE N1 - Le Frik ⚡


ARCHIVE N2 - The perfect table - exist ! 

     ☀️Few creations can exist without a table! 
So once in one of my first artistic studio, my first wish was - to build a table
Building with the first materials one has at hand is a beautiful task, as it requires imagination and direct confrontation with reality. ☀️

     My best friend Nina also an artist, who accompanied me in all the creative development of DADA86, starting with the table - so all the videos you can see today, is part of her vision and interaction with my daily days of pure creation - where I only had a plan A without plan B -  
There the most important for me was my table !
So I was very exited exploring all possiblitys that reality offert to me.
Is not necesary be dirty for created a table - is very possible doit with a dress. ☀️

ARCHIVE N3 - Water is Life 
           The name of my first collection is - INNER RAIN. 
    Inspired by this natural element, and my Parisian experience as an artist - I conceived a reversible coat that would take me in the beginning part of my hometown - Camagüey - 💙- to Paris

       With my life experience I think that both Paris and Camagüey are very beautiful cities, both with a lot of rain and art. For that reason, for me all the creations of DADA86 - including INNER RAIN - are part of very personal gestures of my daily life, and more than a brand they are attitudes - energy - like for example - dance barefoot in the rain.
        When do you do this acction the last time in your life ? 
        Is a very nice acctitude ! 💙

        In the film I'm with my favorite skirt - it is made of natural silk and this design traveled with me around the world and even arrived in New York - so you can see it in the multiple films - all part of the DADA86 path. 

     As for my INNER RAIN - coat - will be revealed later in the story - in the meantime a little rain is wonderful.💙


ARCHIVE4 - And is juste an other day  - Knock on the door and run ! 

It's dada to run through the streets of my beloved hometown - Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe, and to tock tock the doorbells of the houses just at the time of the telenovela! 
Tock tock and run after - of course.

My city is one of the most beautiful in the world - the city of water and tinajones - a Unesco heritage for humanity, so many artists walk through its night streets full of inspiration, between the lampposts and churches and - Yes - there always all doors are opening for who loves beauty and dont care about the telenovela ! 

Knock on the door and run !
Aye you ready ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I invite you follow me in the next door....💤
Bip Bip 

ARCHIVE N5 - Dulce - Golden Hands 💛

I am very happy to share the story of Dulce, a beautiful artist who collaborated with dada86. 
- In her hands a little piece of Havana and beauty - dresses, love, flowers ! 

ARCHIVE 6 - And is juste an other day  - Methol - chicken and an old Singer anyway ! 

In my hometown Camaguey, that's where Joana is from, a wonderful seamstress with golden hands.  From her hands came all my Inner Rain - coat collection. 

One day, I went to her house to retrieve the garments, and Joana was not there - I was sad because I thought she had forgotten to finish the coat, when I returned later to her house, she explained to me that the 4 hours delay was because she fell down the stairs and her leg hurt, then she used menthol and finished the piece so that I could take it to Paris on time. 

When a person, even with a sore leg, makes a work of art, it is because his code of dignity, passion and love for his work is very high. 
The essential is in the attitude and respect for the people who lovingly make clothes. 

As an artist - I am very happy to work with Joana, who unintentionally revealed to me - the respect for creation itself.  Sometimes I came home quickly, because I was in a hurry and had no time to eat, and this lady shared her chicken, the same one she gave to her daughter, which was so difficult to find in Camaguey. 
She used to say to me - you have to eat, to get strength, if not a lot of art - but you will disappear! Let's eat. 

This is how my art collection - Inner Rain coat - was born. 

Thanks to Joana and her golden hands, it was likewise the most delicious chicken I have ever eaten in my life. 💛


     ARCHIVE N7  - Inner Rain N1 ⚡  -


It's true ☝
    That's the simple story, of Inner Rain N1


    ARCHIVE N8 - Montreal - Habana 👉